Updated: 23 June 2021

Gone City Prime Millennium is a Sansar world inspired by the Disney Tron franchise that has spawned the main movie (Tron), one prequel (Tron Legacy), an animated toon series (Tron Uprising) and several games (Tron 2.0, Tron Evolution..).

The Tron franchise setting is a simulated world at computing circuity quantum similar level. The protagonist is transferred into this level of existence by means of something similar of what we today could call quantum laser technology (real life matter transformed into electronic or subatomic matter information). Now the storyline mostly progresses on “the grid” inside a mainframe server structure. The protagonist and villains will battle the balance of “good” (“1” bit state) and “evil” (“0” bit state), subsequently leading to access to an input/output port (IO Hub) enabling the “Laser Cannon” device to rebuild the protagonist real life matter from the template stored in memory or even create new life-form from “Isomorphic Algorithms” (ISO’s).

More about this later.

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