Updated: 24 November 2020


Welcome to the personal website of Mikael Kristiansen.

I mainly posses a quiet and slow personality. I master 3D design and am good at “cracking” special and “think-tank” kind of tasks, if there is money, time and room to go in depth with the tasks without deadlines.

In many cases I rather seem like a quiet person.

My personal development from childhood was characterized by a very active and attention-claiming behavior.

My parents were at odds. They took great care of me and I grew up in a very safe environment. They were able to give me this despite the fact that their working life and further education made the conditions difficult to manage.

In my later working life, I experienced intense stress both in relation to work tasks, work pace and the interaction with work colleagues. That is, I have difficulty reading and using body language and allusions. Often I can seem quite straightforward and say things as they are in a way that to many seems hurting or annoying.

But, basically, I’m just out to be a sweet and sociable guy. However, this does not mean that my striving to be sociable and at times naively altruistic is a free ticket to gross exploitation of my nature.

What do I do in such cases? Trying to learn to react neutrally passively or positively disarming! Because it turns out to be most rewarding and appropriate in the long run.

My day goes with my hobbies. In the past, I have dealt with web design, programming, digital retouching, photography, text constitution, multimedia and stage work.

Today, I am completely focused on 3D design. Among others: Object design, film animation, interactive animation, interactive visual module programming, avatar design, avatar clothing design and much more within the genre. My work here includes especially resource development in connection with online “Virtual Reality (VR)” platform “Second Life” and “Sansar” respectively owned by “Linden Lab” and “Wookey technologies”.

I switch a lot between my hobbies as it does not take very long before I lose patience. So I usually have quite a few projects going at any time.

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